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AshEdit is a map editor for 2D games. It has been used as an in-house tool for many b1stable/Nooskewl games. It saves a very simple binary map format that is easy to load.

AshEdit has lots of tools for editing maps, including most of the fundamental features of a sprite editor.

  • Multiple map layers and tile sheets
  • A pencil tool for drawing tiles that can draw tile groups and pick tiles with RMB
  • A fill tool with several options (clear fill, non-contiguous, test visible layers, fill with tile groups)
  • A clear tool for clearing tiles (can clear all layers)
  • A solids tool that toggles the walkable flag of a tile
  • A clone tool that clones from the tile sheet
  • A tool for moving tiles between layers
  • Full-featured rectangular and magic wand selection (add, subtract, non-contiguous, test visible layers,) copy & paste
  • Macro recording/playback
  • Undo/redo for all operations
  • Scaling from 1x to 10x
  • Resizable map/sheet panels
  • Adjustable tile size
  • Screenshot saving
  • Fast hardware accelerated drawing
  • And more...

The example tile sheet that comes with the program is from Tower To Heaven. Please feel free to experiment with these graphics, but don't use them in your games.


Buy Now$10.00 CAD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 CAD. You will get access to the following files:

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AshEdit-4.0.13-Source.zip 733 kB

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