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Source Released
Source code for this app has been released...
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2D map editor
[4.0.12] Minor Fixes, New Example Tiles
AshEdit 4.0.12 has some new fixes for Windows and new example tiles...
1 file
[4.0.11] More Message Cleanups
This is a minor update that cleans up some remaining message boxes...
1 file
[4.0.10] Updated Tiles
AshEdit 4.0.10 is a minor update which improves the example tile sheet and example maps...
[4.0.9] Fix Uneven Message Boxes
AshEdit 4.0.9 corrects some uneven message boxes on Ubuntu...
1 file
[4.0.8] Fix Minimum Window Size
AshEdit 4.0.8 is a small bugfix update for the Linux version. This fixes the minimum window size that was broken on Linux. No other changes were made...
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